...and no. We don't wear wooden shoes. 



Every so often, we are asked about our shoes by people not familiar with clogging. Usually, the first question is, "So, do you wear wooden shoes?" There is never any offense taken by this question, as it affords us a chance to tell people more about the dance. Maybe many people know the shoe referred to as a clog is traditionally made of wood, or at least have a wooden sole. But, no. We don't wear them.


The shoes we do wear are called Jazz Oxford Leather Uppers. They are, generally speaking, soft leather uppers with a harder leather sole and very small, wide heel. They come in many different styles and colors. These shoes also feature taps on both the toe and heel of each shoe. These taps differ from tap shoe taps in that they are two-piece taps, or jingle taps. This produces a bit of a "loose metal" sound when used. 


Here is a quick overview:



Jazz Oxford leather uppers

  • Some places offer a narrower toe, others a more rounded toe. It's best to shop around.

  • Most cloggers choose white. But they're going to be on your feet. Go with what you like, unless your club enforces a certain  color.

Clogging Shoe

A basic clogging shoe. (No pun intended)



  • This website doesn't have the largest selection, but the prices are good.


  • We recommend either the Mr or Ms Stomper (although the Composite is a decent alternative)


  • We recommend the regular (not split) sole. 


  • A Facebook store offering new clogging supplies.

Buck style clogging tap

Buck Style Stevens Stompers

Clogging taps

Selva Staccato

clogging bell taps

Bell Taps

(NOT  the same as Liberty Bells)


Stevens Stompers (most common among cloggers)

  • Regular

  • Buck style (has a small lip on the front to protect the toe of the shoe)

  • Stevens Stompers are made of steel

Staccato (not used much any longer, difficult to find)

  • Selva Staccato taps are made of an alloy

Bell Taps (very slightly louder, more consistent sound, no toe-lip available)

  • THESE ARE NOT LIBERTY BELLS. Liberty Bell taps are basically a Stevens Stomper with the sides           removed to have a narrower bottom plate.

  • Bell Taps are made of aluminum alloy



Stevens Stompers


Bell Taps





While we strive to keep all information up to date, it is possible websites may or may not still be in business.

If you should find a broken link or additional online store that offers these items, please drop us a line!